For a coaching culture to be effective, everyone in an organisation needs to engage. Coaches enable others to define what needs to be achieved, whilst clarifying and valuing why it is important.

They learn to empower commitment to action that realise professional and organisational aspirational goals.

As coaches progress through the programmes, they deepen their understanding of how to role-model outstanding coaching and how to lead strategy to embed the ethos across organisations.

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Coaching levels and programmes

Programme: Power of Coaching

Time commitment: One three-hour session per week, over a three-week period.

Each practitioner on this programme will gain a deeper understanding about the power of coaching and the impact that great coaching has on learning; will be able to confidently apply several strategies to deepen the thinking of pupils; will learn how to inspire colleagues to develop and grow; and will become a more reflective and energised professional.

This programme will enable you to utilise models and approaches to coach pupils and professionals to improve learning, thinking and well-being; professionally challenge expectations and begin to shift mindsets; and model courage, humility and discipline when engaging with coaching conversations.

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Programmes: Advanced Power of Coaching or Advanced Skills Educational Coach

Time commitment: six three-hour sessions over a 12-month period.

An advanced coach will skilfully use progressive strategies and approaches to assist others in defining what needs to be achieved, clarifying, and valuing why it is important, and creating momentum. You will also learn how to empower commitment to action in colleagues that realises both professional and organisational goals.

This programme will accredit you to coach and mentor adults and pupils to improve their learning, leadership, and wellbeing; design your own coaching models to fit your context; and be empowered to lead a team of coaches in developing a coaching ethos. There are two pathways into advanced coaching.

Pathway 1 –  Advanced Power of Coaching

This programme provides an immersive programme that carries an accreditation by the OLEVI Institute as an Advanced Coach.

Pathway 2 – Advanced Skills Educational Coach, Level 4 apprenticeship

This programme provides the reflection and application time to review and refine practice over a longer period and carries an OLEVI accreditation and Level 4 coaching qualification.

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Programme: OLEVI Professional Coach

Time commitment: one full day and a one-hour viva voce over a five-week period.

Expert professional coaches develop high performing people and teams. You will further develop and deepen your understanding of coaching beyond the Advanced Power of Coaching course, whilst also understanding how to develop people to this level and implement strategies to embed a highly effective coaching culture across organisations.

Programmes so far: Group and Team Effectiveness Coaching, Confidence Coaching, Reinvention Coaching and Talent Coaching

These short modules provide coaches with some theory, skills, and resources to coach colleagues in these specific areas. They are open to anyone who has attended the POC either as a delegate on the OTP or as POC as a stand alone unit.

Confidence Coaching

Reinvention Coaching

Talent Coaching

Facilitation of OLEVI coaching programmes

If an organisation wishes to facilitate Power of Coaching in their own setting they will need colleagues to attend the Outstanding Facilitator Programme and the Power of Coaching Train the Trainer Programme.

Outstanding Facilitator Programme

Time commitment: two three-hour sessions over one week.

Aspiring facilitators will develop the mind, skill and knowledge set to provide a focused thinking space, create a dynamic varied learning experience and, ultimately, inspire a commitment to change.

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Power of Coaching Train the Trainer

Time commitment: three two-hour sessions over a two-week period.

Attendance of this programme will accredit delegates to be an OLEVI facilitator of the Power of Coaching programme.

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The 12 areas of the OLEVI coaching audit

  • Contracting
  • Trust and rapport
  • Goal setting
  • Active listening
  • Powerful questioning
  • Exploring
  • Summarising
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Action planning
  • Powerful questioning
  • Celebrating results
  • Follow-up