A course for language teachers

This CPD course for MFL teachers will provide delegates with a detailed reference framework for curriculum design, based on cognitive and second language acquisition theory and research.

Delegates will consider:

  • The key components of curriculum design;
  • The principles underpinning effective short- / medium- and long-term planning;
  • The procedures involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of a course;
  • Acquisition-enhancing strategies (e.g. recycling, interleaving, universals, fluency training) and their application to curriculum design;
  • The role of assessment as a means to advance learning and how to embed it in the curriculum.

Session 1: A principled framework for curriculum design

This session will:

  • Provide an account of the key components of curriculum design (from goal-setting to course-evaluation) and a principled framework for medium- and long-term planning;
  • Raise the delegates’ awareness of the challenges surrounding effective curriculum design and implementation and provide solutions to address them;
  • Propose a communicative-function-based approach to curriculum design.

Session 2: Applying language Acquisition Principles and memory-enhancing strategies to curriculum design

This session will:

  • Lay out the key tenets of instructed language acquisition;
  • Suggest ways in which the above can be applied in short- / medium- and long-term planning;
  • Explain the role of fluency training and how it can be embedded in the curriculum.

Session 3: Designing pedagogy cycles and progression units and using assessment to enhance learning.

This session will:

  • Provide a principled approach to the design of pedagogic cycles and units of progression;
  • Suggest assessment procedures designed to advance learning not merely to evaluate it.

24th June 2022

Diverse Education Centre, Old Hall Drive, Retford DN22 7EA

09:45 – 16:00 – refreshments and lunch will be provided

Delivered by:
Gianfranco Conti – Please use ‘Book a Place’ for facilitator profile


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