Inspiring Science Network – 2021-22

Inspiring Primary Science

Inspiring Primary Science is a programme of networking meetings and workshops, with the aim of building the capacity of science subject leaders to lead effectively, instigate change and improve outcomes for children.

The three subject leader network meetings across the year will spotlight issues of particular concern and provide updates regarding latest news about primary science.  We will explore the implications of the latest information from Ofsted ‘research review of the factors that influence the quality of science education’ and from SEERIH ’10 Key Issues with children’s learning in Primary Science’ report, considering how concerns raised there might impact on practice.  The programme is also influenced by the subject leaders themselves and will feature other aspects of their role, for example effective leadership and monitoring activity.

The three Teacher/TA/SL meetings provide teachers (and others) with a selection of practical ideas and activities relevant to specific key stages and year groups – combining working scientifically (disciplinary knowledge) and content (substantive knowledge).  With a focus on the direct teaching of skills and enquiry methods, appropriate to age and stage and in response to gaps identified by schools post-Covid, these sessions should provide those attending with a chance to reflect on teaching and learning in science and suggest potential changes to practice where needed.

Science subject leader network meetings

All 1-3pm (please arrive for 12.45pm)

Providing subject leaders with the skills to drive science forward in their schools as well as the opportunity to network with other science leaders, reflect on their leadership of science and become empowered (whether or not an Ofsted ‘Deep Dive’ is around the corner or not!  This year’s network meetings will consider quality in primary science using Ofsted ‘research review of the factors that influence the quality of science education’ and from SEERIH ’10 Key Issues with children’s learning in Primary Science’ report as a lens through which to consider schools’ science curriculum.

The programme will (of course) include the very latest news, regular updates, top tips and practical solutions regarding; science enquiry, assessment process and practice, Science Capital and much, much more.

Teacher/TA/subject leader – science curriculum workshops for LKS2, UKS2 and KS1

All 1-3pm

Designed to improve the knowledge, understanding and skills of teachers, teaching assistants and subject leaders and enable highly productive practical science in the classroom.

This year, our Key Stage based Teacher/TA/SL meetings will have a focus on getting children working scientifically with purpose.  Each session will look at content relevant to the KS (or part KS), reinforce the need for clear progression and the direct teaching of skills and methods of enquiry, with a view to equipping the children with an ‘enquiry toolbox’ that they can use independently and with confidence by the time they reach UKS2.  This focus has been identified through discussion with teachers and SLs.  It is widely felt to be of concern on children’s return to more normal learning, post-Covid and home schooling and is an area of interest to Ofsted.

As ever, plenty of practical ideas and useful strategies will be included to take back, use and/or share with colleagues.

  • Autumn – LKS2
  • Spring – UKS2
  • Summer – KS1
Session TitleDate
Inspiring Primary Science-Subject Leaders Session 1Tuesday 5 October 2021
Inspiring Primary Science-Lower Key Stage 2Thursday 11 November 2021
Inspiring Primary Science-Subject Leaders Session 2Tuesday 8 February 2022
Inspiring Primary Scienc -Upper Key Stage 2Thursday 30 March 2022
Inspiring Primary Science-Subject Leaders Session 3Wednesday 4 May 2022
Inspiring Primary Science-Key Stage 1Tuesday 21 June 2022


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Location: Tuxford Academy

Duration: 1-3pm (please arrive for 12.45pm)

Delivered by: Nicola Beverley, science education consultant

Costs: £75 (ex VAT) / 1 unit for Associated Partners

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Programme leader – Nicola Beverley CSci Teach

Nicola is an experienced school improvement professional, with extensive specialist knowledge of primary teaching and learning built up over 20 years in and around primary schools. She is a nationally renowned primary science specialist and was a science advisory teacher for many years.

Nicola has worked as a science consultant nationally, in the development of science assessment practice. She worked with QCDA to create and pilot the ‘Assessing Pupils’ Progress in Primary Science’ resource and shaped its roll out across the country. She was also part of the expert group responsible for developing science assessment materials for the Standards and Testing Agency (part of the DfE). Over the past six years she has been a Curriculum Advisor for KS2 science assessment for STA.

Nicola now works directly with a variety of training providers (including STEM Learning),

teaching school networks, schools, teachers and children across the country to develop science, curriculum and assessment practice.  She is a Primary Science Quality Mark Senior Hub Leader and a Senior Facilitator for STEM Learning.