Have you ever noticed history has the word story in it? Across these two sessions, Stuart will focus in on embracing the psychologically privileged status of stories in two key ways:


Session 1 – Chronology
Using chronology as the ‘story mountain’ to organise the historical narratives we will teach.

·         The National Curriculum and understanding how much chronology is embedded within it. 

·         Seeing chronology as a core concept in history and not an activity to be ticked off. 

·         Chronology in small steps… enabling children to obtain a high success rate. 

·         Linking chronology and geography to provide powerful context 

·         A modelled approach to timelines with tangible takeaways


Session 2 – EDI

Which stories are we teaching? The framing of narratives is a key consideration when teaching history.    

·         What does the National Curriculum offer in terms of representation? 

·         History has many complex and interwoven stories. 

·         Thinking carefully about who and what (events/periods) we should teach. 

·         Framing narratives carefully in order to think deeply about the nature of the past as it was even when it doesn’t conform to stereotypical views encountered previously. 

·         Thinking about embedding EDI into units meaningfully and not just through commemorations and special months through the year. 


Session 1 – Monday 3 June 9am-12pm – Retford Education Centre
Session 2 – Monday 10 June 3.30-5.30pm – Virtual

Free to Diverse Academies staff
£75 half day session
£50 virtual session


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