RE Today and NATRE (National Association for Teachers of RE) are partnering with Diverse Association for Professional Learning to create a CPD programme for RE. This innovative programme involves working with subject leaders to create enthusiasm for RE, clarifying its purpose and looking at knowledge and progression. Sessions would then be held with classroom teachers with examples of putting this into practice., The aim would be to improve subject knowledge amongst all teachers and therefore confidence. Teachers would be able to articulate the ordering and sequencing of the curriculum, be able to teach well planned knowledge rich lessons, and assess progress using creative tasks that help pupils know more and remember more.

Adam Robertson, National RE Adviser

Adam Robertson was, until this summer,  a primary teacher for 14 years, much of it spent as a subject leader for RE. In addition, he worked as a schools adviser for the Diocese of Bristol for four years – helping schools improve their understanding of RE. Adam has been a member of the NATRE Executive since 2018, served as an adviser to SACRE, and led RE Hub groups in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Adam has always been passionate about RE, and has a fascination with the big ideas, stories and art that have inspired humans for millennia. He loves to take these objects of beauty and make them real for teachers and pupils in our diverse society today.


Session 1: Intent – Subject Leader Development – 27 January 2022

Working with subject leaders to identify a clear intent for the subject. Examine the recent findings of the Ofsted Research review into RE and to the ideas of religions and worldviews.

Session 2: Working with Teachers – 07 March 2022

A twilight working with teachers across the academy. Part of this will be to enthuse theme for RE and clarify the purpose of RE. In addition it will provide stimulating ideas to teach Christianity in a progressive and knowledge rich way for pupils.

Session 3: Implementation – Subject Leader Development – 28 June 2022

A twilight working with subject leaders across the trust to look at implementation of the curriculum. This will focus on sequencing and order of curriculum, knowledge progression and building understanding of concepts. The aim will be to ensure the curriculum is logical and can enable pupils to learn more and remember more about religions and worldviews.

Session 4: Implementation for teachers – 12 July 2022

A twilight working with all teachers across the trust giving key messages about progression, but also introducing staff to a multi-disciplinary lens for RE (using the ways of knowing from the Ofsted review) Identifying creative activities to utilise this with lots of take aways for staff to try in class.

Session 5: Impact – Subject Leader Development – Date for Autumn term TBC

A twilight with subject leaders looking at measuring the impact of the RE curriculum across the trust. Focus to be on retrieval practice and assessment to ensure pupils have made progress and remember ideas and concept as they progress through school.

Dates: Please see in programme information


Location: Online, all session 15:45-17:15


Duration: 1.5 hours


Delivered by: NATRE


Cost: £75 to non-members/Associated Partners 1 unit per session


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