The OTP Plus has been carefully designed to develop truly outstanding teachers, focusing on their classroom practice, their depth and understanding of coaching, and their ability to lead and grow the quality of their colleagues’ practice.

The OTP Plus follows on from the OTP, which was designed to induct securely good to outstanding teachers into a way of reflecting and working with others, through personal and organisational processes that promotes and sustains truly outstanding practice both in their classroom and across their schools.

OTP Plus applicants should:

  • be securely outstanding teachers (in terms of both pupil outcomes and observed teaching practice)
  • have proven their ability to successfully lead other adults
  • be able to show impact of empowering others through their coaching practice

Delegates are expected to be highly reflective and deep thinkers, who are comfortable in receiving and giving high quality, professional challenge to take themselves further in their
own learning and practice, whilst bringing others with them.

As a result of the OTP Plus, delegates should not only be expected to be able to role model
the most complex, nuanced and impactful areas of teaching and learning in the classroom,
but will also be able to effectively teach them to their colleagues as well. This way, impact is
far reaching.


Owing to the nature and calibre of OTP Plus delegates, individual teachers from schools are invited to attend (although schools may wish to send more). Each delegate will be charged with leading their own ‘Learning 3’ back in school, therefore two other teachers, who are not on the programme, will be a part of the ongoing programme and should benefit greatly from it along with their pupils.

An audit of professional skills will form an important part of the delegates’ journeys during the programme. The audit has been designed to track progress (in the different teaching and learning areas considered during the programme), as well as capture the most effective techniques developed through informal action research.

By the end of the programme, all delegates will be expected to present to the rest of their cohort, the progress they have made in their own classroom practice, as well as the progress they have seen their colleagues’ practice, along with the methods and processes which effectively promoted impact.

Dates of sessions: TBC

Course 1

Location: Tuxford Academy

Duration: 5 half days and 2 full days over a 10 week period

Delivered by: Diverse Association for Professional Learning

Costs: £650 (ex VAT) per delegate / £600 (ex VAT) per additional delegate from the same school / 13 units for Associated Partners

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If your booking is made within a week of the programme commencing, you are not guaranteed a place. If you have been successful, the TVTSA team will contact you directly.