The POC Programme enables practitioners to gain a deeper understanding about the power of coaching and the impact that great coaching has on learning. Delegates are able to confidently apply a number of strategies to deepen the thinking of pupils, inspire colleagues to develop and grow, and become a more reflective and energised professional.

This train the trainers programme consists of 2 focused sessions with a series of post session challenges, completed within one week.  The sessions are 2 hours each and are run in twilight sessions. The programme has been designed for delivery online.

In addition to the Outstanding Facilitation Programme accreditation, full attendance at this programme will accredit you to be an OLEVI Facilitator of the Power of Coaching Programme.

Dates of sessions: 

23/11/2022 15:45:00 17:45:00
30/11/2022 15:45:00 17:45:00


Location: Virtual

Duration: 2 x 2 hours sessions
3:45pm – 5:45pm

Delivered by: 

Cost: £245/3 units

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