We recently welcomed 15 teaching assistant delegates who participated in one of our new TVTSA programmes called the ‘IOTAP’ (Intensive Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme).

This course is very similar to the OTP (Outstanding Teacher Programme), however, it’s intensive – hence the title! They were from a wide variety of schools and were keen to pass on some of their thoughts about our academy. We would like to thank the delegates for their feedback which is shown below:

  • “the school is so calm, both in the classrooms and in the corridors”
  • “the level of behaviour we have witnessed is exceptional”
  • “my daughter has just started Y7 and I went home after day 1 absolutely buzzing with excitement- what a fantastic environment to learn in”
  • “it really feels like you cater for all your children here. The garden areas are wonderful and provide opportunities for more vulnerable children to work 1:1”
  • “I was very surprised at how tidy the school and the grounds are. We have hardly seen a drop of litter”
  • “pupils were very accepting of us wandering in to their classrooms and talked openly about what they were learning”