Diverse Association for Professional Learning

Part of Diverse Academies Trust

Diverse Association for Professional Learning supports the delivery of high-quality training and development for professionals who work within Diverse Academies Trust and further afield. We are fully committed to utilising and furthering the skills of our colleagues so we can drive forward the Trust’s mission to nurture curiosity, develop wellbeing and empower young people to go beyond their aspirations, whilst offering staff the opportunity to advance in their professional careers.

As a designated Olevi centre we offer nationally recognised Olevi programmes and a range of bespoke training programmes across a broad range of expertise, which are available to other Academies and Trusts within our Association Community. Our CPD offer is also extended to organisations nationally and we pride ourselves on working collaboratively with all members to ensure we offer a rich and diverse programme of professional development.

Our provision is further enhanced by the strong working partnership we have with Redhill Teaching Hub. Together, we have a strategic overview on key focus areas in education including Early Careers Teaching, Initial Teacher Education and National Professional Qualifications. This helps us to remain current and forward thinking as we draw on the knowledge, skills and expertise of our professional colleagues to better meet the needs of students across all Diverse Academies.