Classroom practitioners will become more reflective and creative, gaining a deeper understanding of the pedagogy that ensures a significant impact on their relationships with pupils and colleagues. Through this programme you will become a more self-regulated and independent thinking professional.

Full attendance at this programme will enable you to develop creative and impactful materials to use and share; model best practice across the school or trust; and engage in the delivery of in school CPD.


  • Develop understanding of research informed pedagogy to better impact student outcomes.
  • Build drive, confidence, and self-awareness as a professional


  • Early career teachers (that have not benefited from the ECF).
  • Experienced teachers who want to focus on their classroom practice


  • Six sessions, with a series of post session challenges, over a term

Programme dates:

Autumn term:

Dates: See dates in programme details

Location: Tuxford Academy

Duration: six sessions over a six week period

Delivered by: Diverse Association for Professional Learning


£575 (ex VAT) per delegate / 7 units for Associated Partners

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If your booking is made within a week of the programme commencing, you are not guaranteed a place. If you have been successful, our team will contact you directly.

Teaching & Learning Session 110 September 20248.30am4.30pm
Teaching & Learning Session 227 September 20248.30am12.30pm
Teaching & Learning Session 39 October 202412.30pm4.30pm
Teaching & Learning Session 47 November 202412.30pm4.30pm
Teaching & Learning Session 518 November 20248.30am12.30pm
Teaching & Learning Session 64 December 202412.30pm4.30pm

Summer term: 

Teaching & Learning Session 129 April 20258.30am4.30pm
Teaching & Learning Session 28 May 20258.30am12.30pm
Teaching & Learning Session 321 May 202512.30pm4.30pm
Teaching & Learning Session 46 June 202512.30pm4.30pm
Teaching & Learning Session 516 June 20258.30am12.30pm
Teaching & Learning Session 63 July 202512.30pm4.30pm