Early Career Framework (ECF) Rationale

With a fifth of all teachers leaving the profession within the first two years, we believe that teachers deserve high quality support, particularly in those first years of teaching when the learning curve is steepest. At the Diverse Association for Professional Learning, we know that teachers in the first years of their career require high quality, structured support in order to begin the journey towards becoming an expert. During induction, it is essential that early career teachers are able to develop the knowledge, practices and working habits that set them up for a fulfilling and successful career in teaching. Research shows that teachers that are given mentorship are more likely to stay on the profession.

The Early Career Framework (ECF) underpins an entitlement to a fully-funded, two-year package of structured training and support for early career teachers linked to the best available research evidence. The package of reforms will ensure new teachers have dedicated time set aside to focus on their development. Our vision is for the ECF to build on high-quality Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and become the cornerstone of a successful early career in teaching for NQTs and RQTs.

Diverse Academies Early Career Framework (ECF) Programme

From September we are commencing our two year induction journey with the first official cohort of ECTs starting their induction.  We feel quite prepared, as we were an early adopter having been part of a pilot trial this year, so this has helped us know what to expect.  We will be working with Redhill Teaching Hub and Education Development Trust (EDT) to deliver a high-quality package for both NQTS and mentors. This is a real step change for early career teachers and a great new entitlement to enhance their first years as a new teacher.  The mentor will rightly be at the heart of developments, with some superb bespoke training and their own programme which will run alongside the ECT programme.

What will your NQTs gain?

  • Specific examples of what expert teaching looks like
  • The ability to easily connect theory to classroom practice
  • Improved job satisfaction, confidence, knowledge and skills
  • Membership to the Chartered College of Teaching

What will your mentors gain?

  • Tailored guidance according to phase, context and prior experience
  • The ability to use instructional coaching for maximum effect
  • Specific examples of what expert mentoring looks like

What will you gain?

  • Clear and targeted support for your NQTs and mentors
  • Access to cutting-edge insight and best available evidence
  • Improved job satisfaction and staff retention rates

To book please contact Marianne Atkins, matkins@tuxford-ac.org.uk

Delivered by: Diverse Association for Professional Learning on behalf of Educational Development Trust


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