Session 1: Developing Reasoning Routines – Wednesday 5 June 

In this session, we will explore how we can create classroom routines that will embed mathematical reasoning in all lessons. We will consider how visual representations and highlighting misconceptions generate discussions in early knowledge acquisition. Then, we will explore some of the most common techniques for extending reasoning from the I See Reasoning eBooks. We will also consider how children can learn to break down word questions, understanding the deep structure of the question.


Session 2: Building Problem-Solvers – Thursday 4 July 

We will start the session drawing out some of the key reflections from session 1. Then, we will look at how variation can be used to encourage reasoning across the maths curriculum. This will lead into us exploring how we can introduce and extend problem-solving tasks so all children can be supported and challenged as problem-solvers.

Gareth will also explain how the techniques used in the ‘I See Reasoning’ and ‘I See Problem-Solving’ eBooks can be used to deepen reasoning and problem-solving across the curriculum.  These will be available to delegates with a 25% discount.

Session 1:
Wednesday 5 June – Developing Reasoning Routines

Session 2: Thursday 4 July – Building Problem-Solvers


2 hours – 3.30-5.30pm

Delivered by:
Gareth Metcalf – I See Maths

£50 per session/free to Diverse Academies Trust staff


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